Our bespoke packages are developed according to your specific health goals and needs. 

Support can range from one-to-one consultations with your dedicated Nutritional Therapist to guidance during shopping trips and kitchen cupboard/fridge assessments.

Before your consultation


Before you meet your Nutritional Therapist, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive health and wellness questionnaire and a food diary. Each question  has been carefully designed to help gather key information about your current wellness and symptoms, your health history, and dietary habits. Your health questionnaire and food diary will be analysed before your first appointment.

The first consultation



Your therapist will build your personalised health plan based on your individual symptoms, lifestyle and goals.  Your plan will be built with you so that it is achievable and enjoyable, as well as nourishing and balanced. Your plan may suggest dietary and lifestyle changes, tests and/or supplements depending on your individual case.

Appointments can be face-to-face, over Skype or Face Time, or over the telephone. Unlimited support is also provided via email and text in between consultations.

Follow up consultations


These appointments are designed to assess your progress on your personalised health plan, and make adjustments where needed. 

You and your Nutritional Therapist will decided how often you have appointments, and for how long. This can vary from once or twice per week to once a month.

Cooking demonstrations


Natural whole foods offer more nourishment than those that are pre-packaged. Our cookery demonstrations are designed to give you confidence to be creative in the kitchen and are tailored to your personal requirements.

Your personal Nutritional Therapist will come to your home and guide you on particular cooking techniques or how to cook a particular meal. Demonstrations normally last 60-90 minutes.

Shopping trips


Supermarkets can be a world of confusion.... What is good for me? Does brand make a difference? Do I have to buy organic?

Being joined by your personal Nutritional Therapist can help to address common pitfalls, guiding you to make the best choices for you. Sessions normally last 60-90 minutes.

Kitchen Cupboard and Fridge Assessments


In a similar format to the Shopping Trips, your personal Nutritional Therapist will come to your home and assess the foods and drinks in your cupboards and fridge. You will receive guidance on alternatives that may be better at supporting your health goals. Sessions normally last 60-90 minutes.

Other Services


We recognise that every client is an individual with specific needs and do our utmost to tailor services accordingly. Some examples of services can including ordering health foods and supplements, and even guiding you on eating out.