"Food and lifestyle changes can be simple and inexpensive ways to improve the health of your workforce"

Emma provided an interactive, informal session focusing on what we should and shouldn’t eat. We had a lengthy discussion on food and shift work, the impact of insulin spikes and what we could eat to combat this. There was a great deal of interest in diets, with many of the team having tried dieting before but failed due to setting themselves unrealistic expectations. Emma was extremely knowledgeable, easy to speak to and importantly realistic helping us review our habits that suit our lifestyles and work patterns.
— Rob Smith, Senior Programme Manager, Balfour Beatty


I work with companies to help their workforce incorporate realistic and effective nutritional strategies that can promote alertness and focus, reduced stress and overall wellness. I tailor my input according to the needs and priorities of the company. 

Corporate services could include bespoke presentations, nutritional workshops, staff events, one to one consultations with employees as well as consultation and writing services.