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Disordered eating

Do you struggle with your relationship with food? Our clinic is a safe place for you to talk openly and without judgement. We offer nutritional and behavioural solutions designed for you and delivered at your own pace. Disordered eating is different for everyone and so our support is designed uniquely for you.



Emotional wellbeing

Its surprising how our diets and lifestyles can impact on how we feel. Our approach is holistic; from exploring the clinical imbalances that might be contributing to how you feel, to assessing the impact of lifestyle, to identifying the best solutions to support your wellbeing.



Weight management

Whether you are looking to lose or to gain weight, you will be given a programme designed to set you on the right track. It is surprising how small and sustainable changes can have a big impact. Our clinic is built on the principle that simple, back to basics nutrition and behaviour changes are an achievable way to gain long-term good health.