Registered Nutritional Therapist offering nutritional therapy in Maidstone Kent

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Registered Nutritional Therapist offering nutritional therapy in Maidstone, Kent

Here at The Eating Clinic offering nutritional therapy in Maidstone, we offer leading nutritional therapy and nutritional solutions with our highly qualified and experienced team of nutrition experts. Areas of interest include relationship with food, weight management, disordered eating, mental wellness and blood sugar. 


Discover the best version of you


We build bespoke dietary and wellness programmes that are designed to fit into your individual lifestyle. These programmes aim to empower you to achieve your personal health goals, optimum well-being and increased vitality.

We work with clients all over the world and have a clinic offering nutritional therapy in Maidstone, Kent. Our aim is to support people who want to achieve a healthy relationship with food and address any underlying imbalances linked to chronic unwellness.    

We believe that optimal health is about balance, rather than restrictive food plans. Discover the best version of you, and become a client.

"I know its a clichΓ©,but we really are what we eat"

Why Food?

Food is vital for optimal health. Think boundless energy, waking up ready to take on the world and full of life.  Add to this radiant and glowing skin, mental clarity and a healthy weight and you can begin to see how food can give us vitality. But equally, if we don't eat well for our bodies we can be left with a host of health problems.

Is this you?

  • You don't wake up refreshed, no matter how much you sleep.

  • You find it hard to lose those extra pounds.

  • You crave certain foods and try to abstain, only to cave and binge on them later.

  • You just don't feel on par most of the time.

  • You don't seem to be able to handle stress the way you used to.

  • You are training hard at the gym or in sports, but aren't improving.

Answered yes to some or even all of these questions, then The Eating Clinic could be for you. Get in touch!